MOON is the ultimate Metaverse where you can explore, colonize and create a thriving civilization on the moon! It takes you on an out-of-this-world adventure, offering a plethora of opportunities to build businesses, form communities, and engage in social and political activities, all set in a captivating lunar landscape.


Powered by artificial intelligence, MOON draws inspiration from some of the most successful open-ended and real-time strategy games in history, including Sim City, Rise of Nations, and Age of Empires. Players can start their own businesses, construct real estate, and engage in other activities to earn native tokens (2MOON).


MOON’s peak performance. We bring measurable results and impact in the industry marketplace.


Total Raised (USDT)


Erthapad Utility Token




Unique Game Assets


Witness our streamlined progress of MOON, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction every step of the way.

Initial Raise
Beta Release
Economy release


MOON is created by Three Towers and our main partners Outfusion and Uraga.
A team of 50+ experts has grown rapidly while specializing in:

Business/Marketing Strategy
Game Development
Blockchain Development
Art and Design
Digital Assets Development
UX/UI Design
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation


Game Preview

Our Highlights


Unity Game Engine

Built on the Unity game engine, MOON is being developed with cutting-edge graphics, performance, and gameplay mechanics, those matching of AAA games.


Marketplace Launch

MOON’s dedicated Marketplace offers players a platform to trade virtual assets like lands, buildings, transportation, wearables, consumables, materials, and products as NFTs. This initiative fosters an intricate in-game economy, enriching player experiences and interactions within the metaverse.


Strategic Partnerships and Integrations

The seriousness of MOON’s unprecedented partnerships with real life NASA and SpaceX astronauts have ensured the game’s long-term growth and success.

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