Spellfire is a collectible card game that transcends time, unifying the past, present and future. With over 30 years of history, it offers a classic CCG experience remastered with cutting edge modern day technology. 


Being the main competitor to Magic: The Gathering, Spellfire has accumulated a massive community from all over the world. With tournament action that has been revived for the first time in multiple decades, the competitive element and engagement of the game is unmatched.


Spellfire’s peak performance. We bring measurable results and impact in the industry marketplace.


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Witness our streamlined progress of Spellfire, ensuring efficiency and satisfaction every step of the way.

Initial Raise
Alpha Release
Full PC & Mobile Release


Spellfire is created by Three Towers and our main partners Outfusion and Uraga.
A team of 50+ experts has grown rapidly while specializing in:

Business/Marketing Strategy
Game Development
Blockchain Development
Art and Design
Digital Assets Development
UX/UI Design
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation


Game Preview

Our Highlights


Prime & Classic Collection Release

Spellfire’s journey began with the creation of the Prime and Classic card collections. 1600 cards were created and designed from scratch, laying the foundation for an unrepeatable CCG experience.


Digital Game Development

Spelfire’s private and public Alpha releases marked a milestone in remastering the game for a new age. Audiences from all over the world are now able to enjoy Spellfire on their desktops.


Physical Card Release

The release of physical Spellfire cards was a hallmark for the original Spellfire community. The game returned to tabletops all over the world and is now being enjoyed by both new and old fans alike.


Feature Updates

Through a series of Alpha releases, Spellfire is adding new cards, mechanics and features into the digital game. These updates improve gameplay and increase the strategic depth for players to enjoy.


Strategic Partnerships and Integrations

Spellfire’s strategic collaborations with leading brands and names, including the world-renowned striker Ciro Immobile and DAOMaker, have resulted in massive exposure for the game, also becoming a star of events like Comic Con.

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